The Vampire Chronicles

After these years, I am still addicted or devoted to The Vampire Chronicles written by Anne Rice. This series is just like the human blood to Anne’s  Vampires, makes the ones irresistible. Even I have put the books down for several years, the magic is still there and holding my heart. Once reading the books again, the connection gets vivid and alive. I am quite shocked and surprised to get this feeling so strong again.

Louis, the one always winding in my mind, suffers in the labyrinthian hell. How can his beloved Claudia do such thing to him? Everytime when reading his story, I feel sad. I have this feeling for Lestat too but it is just not the same.

Feeling so glad that I have found the following introductions in Wikipedia. Feeling so glad that the world does not forget them.

Lestat de Lioncourt
Louis de Pointe du Lac

In fact, there are much more introductions and websites about them. Each new websites when I come across, I feel excited and happy.

For this series, I like The Tale of the Body Thief most though I have not yet finished the whole series. Should have 4 more books to go.

Actually, my first domain is not ranmajen.net. My first one is thedarkheaven.com which is solely for The Vampire Chronicles. I know there has been no updates for a long time but I promise I will keep it alive. I am so glad that I have received an email for offering help of fixing the website after being hacked from one of the banner exchange members. I feel so warm by reading the email and this gives me strength and energy. Really thanks.

This night, the very night I want to state these feelings. Sorry for not being well-organized but simply I have been moved and touched by the Vampires again.


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